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Timberwolf Times

Bailey Camp

Bailey Camp is seventeen and a senior at Lake City High School. For all of high

school, Bailey has gone to Lake City. She has one brother and two sisters. Outside of

school, she goes to work, plays basketball, and likes to surf. One of her favorite colors

would be aquamarine; not just because it’s her birthstone, but also she finds it to be

pretty. She likes most foods, except sushi (or any raw fish).One food that she likes, but

thinks it’s childish, is dinosaur oatmeal. Johnny Bravo is a tv show she enjoys watching.

A movie she likes is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her favorite place she’s traveled to was

Montana because it was her first time with only friends. Honesty, loyalty, and reliability

are a big part of what she looks for in her friends.She enjoys photography, and writing

stories/music. Bailey is a very sweet and a down­to­earth girl.