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Charlotte Romero

Charlotte Anne Romero, a very self proficient individual. She is 15, and attends Lake City High School as a sophomore. She has a 13 year old sister named Claire who plays soccer and attends Woodland Middle School. Charlotte also is a cheerleader for the varsity cheerleading squad at Lake City. She has always had very good grades and has been able to excel in school. Charlotte is a very responsible person, she has her driver’s license and her own car. Ever since she was a young child she has wanted to be something great. Charlotte hopes to attend Stanford University with very high grades. She understands to get there she needs to focus on school now and get good grades and she achieves that. Charlotte is loved by everyone, she has close friends and family, and she lights up any room with her amazing humor and personality. Others admire her drive to excel in everything she does and to be the best of her abilities.

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Charlotte Romero