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Timberwolf Times

Hailey McCormick (14-15) S1

Hailey McCormick was born and raised in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. She is an 11th grader here at Lake City High School and enjoys her courtroom class along with her psychology class. She also enjoys photography as a hobby and says she likes it because pictures capture memories. One of Hailey’s fondest memories is something really cool that she did when she was younger which was she won a Nestle contest. She entered an ice cream cone she had designed and ended up winning a trip to California to see how ice cream is made. Hailey’s favorite type of food is Asian, she really likes sushi. She has two bulldogs Lola and Georgia. She also has a cat named Marley. Hailey’s biggest fear is clowns. My last question for Hailey was “If you were a pizza delivery man how would you benefit from scissors?” shes answered

“If I were a pizza deliveryman and got into a car accident I would want scissors to cut my seatbelt and escape.”


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