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Timberwolf Times

Hazel Neff

This student’s name is Hazel Neff, and she’s a 17-year-old senior at Lake City

High School. She is a beautiful young independent woman. If she had the choice to live

in any decade it would be the nineteen twenties because of the style and flair. She

ABSOLUTELY HATES spiders; they are just creepy and gross her out. Hazel wants to let

people know she is there for them if they need anything. She also wants to be

remembered for being reliable and being there for people. She is kind and caring, so

you could go to her for anything. The Goonies is her favorite 80’s movie of all time. Like

the Goonies, she loves adventure. Snowboarding is one of her hobbies, and drawing is

too. Ms. Neff is very talented. Now that she is older, two foods that she thinks are

childish (but still loves) are Goldfish and Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets. Her cousin is a

person she loves and looks up to as an example and role model in her life. If you want

to get to know her and become a friend, don’t be afraid to go up and ask her. She

values honesty, trustworthiness, fun, and niceness. She is kind, nice, caring, and a good

person to make friends with- and her name is Hazel.