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Timberwolf Times

Isabel Colby (14-15) S1

I interviewed Izzy Colby. Izzy is an ETS embassador outside of school. They are in charge of finding people scholarships and seeing what future career might be good for that person. Her favorite thing about school is art and theatre class, even though Mrs. Seaton doesn’t like how quiet she is. If the world was ending, Izzy would go back and reconnect with old friends and family that are disconnected from her lives. She would also tell people something she has always wanted to say.  If Izzy could meet anyone, she would meet her future self.  The last lie Izzy told was to her teacher, saying that she had forgotten her homework when she really hadn’t.  The one person Izzy trust’s with her life is her boyfriend, although she says that may not be the best decision, since he is very clumsy. What cheer’s Izzy up is when her mom’s dog get’s adorable bug eye’s and licks her face. Unfortunately, her dog has terrible breath. Her favorite word is a word that was made up by a British comedy band. The word is spelled: uvercurrentswaggerliciousyolohelladopeness. Izzy’s hero is her mom.

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