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Timberwolf Times

Kacey Bates (14-15) S1

If you were to run into Kacey on an average day, chances are she’d be dressed and ready for volleyball. Her passion in life is to make it big with her volleyball career, and she knows that only hard work will get her there. If she’s not setting, pumping, or spiking her way to the top, she’s with her friends or family. In her eyes, family is the most important aspect of her life.She’s shy yet bubbly and always determined to do things “her way”. Her teeth are her favorite thing about herself. Her greatest accomplishment in life so far is being who she is and loving herself. She is a hard worker and only afraid of regretting missed opportunities. Someday, she wants to be an entrepreneur and own her own business but for now she’s only in high school. The high school experience has taught her that appearance doesn’t matter as much as you think it does and that eventually you begin to care less.

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