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Kaitlyn McCluskey (14-15)

Kaitlyn McCluskey is starting her junior year here at Lake City, but this is her first year at LCHS. Despite being from Spokane Washington, Kaitlyn has moved ALL around the area with her family. Kaitlyn is the oldest of three, having two younger sisters ages 14 and 3. She laughed when asked “How do you get along?.” Third grade was Kaitlyn’s favorite year in school. Her favorite animal is a tiger, “because they are independent,” she says. When she is older she would like to pursue a career in psychology. One of Kaitlyn’s favorite things to do is write poetry, and she loves to write about everything! If you feel like surprising her you can bring her a homemade salmon and a Dr.Pepper, because they are her favorite foods!

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Kaitlyn McCluskey (14-15)