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Timberwolf Times

Kaitlyn Mccluskey

Kaitlyn Mccluskey, age seventeen, is “healthily” obsessed with TMNT. As a senior, she’s left with little time to spare. Working, reading, and writing takes up all of her free time. If Kaitlyn could live in any decade, she’d live in the 50’s for their famous malt shops and their easy relationships. She feels that the simplicity of love back then was so surreal and romantic. Kaitlyn’s biggest fear is to lose one that she loves. In future references, she wants people to know her by her independence and her determined mindset. Kaitlyn’s all time favorite 80’s film is The Breakfast Club; her favorite character being Andrew Clark. A food that she surprisingly loves, being “childish” and all, is Spaghettio’s. When asked why she liked them, Kaitlyn responded that “it was just a simple childhood memory kept alive.” With a five year old sister at home, Kaitlyn said that she’ll have to try to share them with her. If she could visit anywhere in the world, she would go to Greece. When asked what her spirit animal is, Kaitlyn responded, “Probably a butterfly. What even is a spirit animal?” With determination and independence following, Kaitlyn is the senior to go to.