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Timberwolf Times

Kim Cook

Kim is a 17 year old 11th grader at Lake City High School. Two years ago Kim accidently got put into Journalism but she stayed in the class because “It was nice’,  with everyone being nice and welcoming as they were.  Her favorite time about high school is being able to see people as different as they are and  witness different  lives. She says, “It touches you in the heart.” If you ever need to find Kim just look for the color blue because that’s her favorite color. Her favorite genre of movies is for sure horror. She watches movies up to two to three times a week, even on the weekends when she stays at friends’ houses  they watch horror movies. Kim definitely has a lot of animals including: four goats, three cats, a dog, and a fish named Mouse. Her favored animal is a mouse, which may have a lot  to do with why her fish’s name is mouse and if Kim were to get a mouse she would name it Mileo. She has always wanted to play volleyball, but has played softball for seven years instead and says it is more fun. Kim plays, varsity softball here at Lake City High School.