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Timberwolf Times

Makala Vincent (14-15) S1

Makala Vincent is a fifteen year old girl, born on April 27th, 1999. She is a sophomore at Lake City High School and is a proud member of the Journalism team. Her greatest strengths are her leadership skills and her honesty. Strengths typically come with weaknesses, and Makala’s are her stubbornness, her temper, and her anxiety. As far as career hopes, she is torn between wanting to be a psychiatrist and a world-renown singer. She loves music and, in her spare time, writes her own songs.

Makala dreams of traveling the world someday. Her first stop would be Dubai because she thinks it is a really cool city. After that, she’d be happy to go just about anywhere. After high school, this studious lady plans on going to Princeton for college, due to its academic programs. Although, if she doesn’t go there, she would go to the University of California.

Makala would like to be a harder worker, so she can excel in her scholarly pursuits. She would also like to be closer to her family. She hopes to be successful in her life, whatever she chooses to do.

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