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Timberwolf Times

Makala Vincent

Makala Vincent is 17 years old, a senior at Lake City High School. She hasn’t lived in Coeur D’ Alene her whole life, Makala has lived in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and California. After high school, her dream career is to be a Pediatrician. Something that no one can forget is Netflix, her favorite Netflix series is Once Upon a Time. She is unemployed at the moment but, for a high school dream job would be Kohles, or Claires. Some of her favorite music genres are Hip Hop and Pop. Mountains are her favorite scenery, like who doesn’t love a good scenery of mountains, they are beautiful. Instead of staying home in Coeur D’ Alene, she would love to travel around the globe. After High School she plans on going to college, and getting a higher education. Out of all the colors of the rainbow, her favorite color is Pink. She has no brothers, only one sister. A Sprain is never fun right? But Makala has sprained her wrist, and ankle. Over a year ago she played softball as a young one. Out of the animals in the animal kingdom, she would want to own a monkey as a pet. Pit bulls is one of her favorite dog breed, Pit Bulls are adorable. Something that she wouldn’t normally was when she went on a fair ride that went up and down, she didn’t like that.