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Timberwolf Times

Makayla Judd

Makayla Judd is a 14­year­old born on April 5th, 2001. She is currently a

Freshman who has a great fear of spiders. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese

because, “It is like cheesy heaven in your mouth”. If she could live in any decade she

would live in the 80’s so she could watch The Outsiders on opening night! A very

uncommon thing she does is barrel race; can you think of anyone else who does that? If

Makayla could choose to be any kind of animal she would choose to be a pig, because

she owns smart, Julian Tea­Cup pig. She also has two horses, ten chickens, three

dogs, and two cats. Makayla is a perfect fit in Journalism because she loves to read and

write in her free time. Remember her name, because she will leave behind the legacy of

being a famous author and publishing many books.