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Natasha Scorah (14-15) S1

Tasha Scorah was born right here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but has also lived in Nebraska. Her hobbies include drawing and playing games. Tasha’s favorite is League of Legends, which is an online game. She enjoys it because it tests her skill and logic. Her favorite animal is a panda bear because they are soft and cuddly. Currently Tasha’s favorite place to travel is to Canada, because of the different “perspective” it has to offer. One of Tasha’s favorite school subjects is History, since she is able to learn about what happened prior to our own lives. Tasha, when she is older, wants to be a game developer because she has played games since she was young, and it has helped her overcome some personal issues. When asked how she would live the last ten years of her life if she knew she only had those ten years left, she said she would find a TARDIS (from her favorite T.V. show Doctor Who) and travel ten years into the future.

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Natasha Scorah (14-15) S1