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Timberwolf Times

Preston Tucker

Seventeen year old Preston Tucker loves spending his free time reading the best of  DC comics and admiring the writers for DC as well. His idea for a “Perfect Friday Afternoon” is spending all of his time at home reading comics. If he were able to meet any “famous” person in the world, he would hands down pick Geoff Johns, unsurprisingly, an American comic book writer. While there are lots of things interesting about Preston, ranging from his ability to play the ukulele down to his favorite color being purple, if he were able to have any superpower, Preston would want to have the ability to be able to transform into anything he wanted, like that of Beast Boy from the the Teen Titans which is a comic book group of heroes. His music preferences are mottled, going from Chance the Rapper to the Arctic Monkeys. If he were to win the lottery, Preston Tucker would instantly pay back his mother for all of his bills. In conclusion, this comic-reading, dog-loving ukulele player is the one you’d want to have around.