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Timberwolf Times

Simon Nilges

Simon is a senior at Lake City this year, he’s been here since his freshman year so he is truly a t-wolf. As a 17-year-old, he has been thinking about his future a lot. He wants to finish high school and then go to a college to study music. Simon is in Lake City’s choir and he also plays piano. When asked what decade he would live in if he could, Simon said he would love to live in the 50s. He said 1950 would be an awesome year because they dressed way better than we do now, and chivalry wasn’t dead yet. When asked what his biggest fear was, he said he is scared of being alone; not physically alone, but alone in life (no friends/family). He said that in his life he wanted to leave a legacy behind so people would remember him. His favorite 80s movie of all time is Spaceballs, which is an awesome movie. Simon is a great student and an awesome part of the journalism team.