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Timberwolf Times

Stella Kirsch-Digiovanni

Stella Digiovanni is a 17 year ­old junior at Lake City High School, and is the assistant editor­-in-
chief of Timberwolftimes.com. Her favorite thing about school is learning and knowing things

she’s never known before. Stella loves hiking, fishing, fly fishing photography, and the great

outdoors. A fun fact about Stella is that her favorite food is potatoes in any form: fries, mashed

potatoes, or hash browns ­ you name it, she loves it. Her favorite movie is Snatch, her favorite

musical artist is The Wonder Years, and her biggest fear is spiders. If she were to be reborn in

a different decade, she would live in the 70’s because of the simpler lifestyle and the cool

clothes. Stella’s main word of advice is “Work hard, play hard.” Her main goal in life is to make

the people she loves happy, so when she dies she will be remembered well. As assistant editor-
in-­chief, Stella may be planning to take the helm of Timberwolftimes.com in her senior year.