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Timberwolf Times

Sydney Jackson

Sydney Jackson is sixteen years old and a junior here at Lake City High School who enjoys playing tennis and golf. She also loves to draw. She is involved in Student Council and an ex-officio of her junior class. Her favourite cartoon character is Cosmo from “The Fairly-Oddparents,” her favourite movie is “After The Dark.” She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where she was born and raised, and still lives with her mom, her dad, and her two cats, Sunny and Tiger. Sunny only has three legs due to the abuse in her previous home. Many of her friends call her “Squid”; she would like to change her name to “Syd” if given the chance. If she could choose one family member to take on a trip, she would take her cousin Lauren because of their close relationship as family. When she was a kid, her favourite candy was cotton candy, and she still enjoys the sweet taste of the fluffy candy.