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Timberwolf Times

Ashley Smith, Web Editor/Assistant Editor

After being born in Woodland Hills, California Ashley Smith, a junior, became a very interesting person. At 15 years old Ashley has over a year and a half of web making experience, is a published copy editor on a trilingual book, and wants to be either a teacher or a lawyer. She babysits and volunteers. Her hobbies include playing with her cat, relaxing, singing, writing/reading, making crafts, hanging out with her friends, watching movies and being a part of Environmental Club. Her celebrity crushes are James Denton, of Desperate Housewives, Johnny Depp and Zac Efron. She has two brothers, three sisters,  two dogs, one guinea pig, one hamster, some fish, two frogs, and a kitten. Ashley has a couple favorite foods: macaroni and cheese, chili cheese frito chips, and candy. Her favorite TV shows are Desperate Housewives, and Futurama.  What inspires her to write is that she likes expressing her thoughts onto paper or just getting her ideas and thoughts out there. She likes the feeling of just sitting down with an idea in her head and just getting everything out only to find out that she wrote something good. Ashley is in journalism because Mr. Keylon asked her to help with being web editor for our online newspaper. She enjoys editing and making sure things are neat and tidy.

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