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Timberwolf Times

Aubrey Payne

Aubrey Payne, Staff Writer Fall 2013

Aubrey is a way different person than everyone thinks. Aubrey is a freshman that was born in Spokane, Washington, 1998. She is a volleyball player and she loves listening to music and loves to socialize. When she is not doing volleyball or socializing, she is doing hair or working at the hospital with her mom. In her future, she wants to be an ER physician. Her unique qualities include being an amazing volleyball player and a great actor! She has a celebrity crush on Patty Walters, a famous YouTuber. She loves to eat artichoke while she is watching her favorite, the Untold Stories of the ER. The person that really inspired Aubrey to start writing was her cousin Allyson.

All content by Aubrey Payne

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