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Tasha Scorah
Natasha Scorah is fifteen years old, born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and a sophomore at Lake City High School this year. Her hobbies include making games and websites, LCGC, FCCLA, Scholastics Team, Yearb0ok, and BPA. For her future career she would like to either major in architecture, engineering or computer science. Natasha is a published poet, she is trilingual and learning three more languages. She also is enrolled in two schools and does free online classes because she is very knowledgeable. Scorah has three brothers and four sisters and no pets. Natasha’s favorite food is homemade macaroni. Her favorite television show is The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and King of the Nerds. Her celebrity crush is Virgil Griffith and Johnny Depp. Scorah is in journalism because she loves writing and it is a very fun thing for her to do and she is excited to share new things with people.

Tasha Scorah, Assistant Editor Fall 2013

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Tasha Scorah