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Kenzii Rogers
Fourteen year old freshman Kenzii Rogers was born on April 11, 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky. In her free time, she enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and swimming. She also passionately enjoys writing fictional short stories. Her future career choice is veterinarian, and a writer. Kenzii is also a strong believer in Christianity. One unique quality about herself is that she is a strong writer. Her celebrity crush is Tom Felton, who plays a role in the movie series Harry Potter. Her siblings consist of one brother who is 3, and a sister who is 5. She also has a dog, named Wrigley. She currently does not have a job. Her favorite food happens to be asparagus, and her favorite TV show is Twisted. When asked what inspires her to write, her response was J.K. Rowling, her favorite author. Her desire to make the newspaper better, and gain new writing skills, are a few of the reasons why she is a part of the newspaper class.

Kenzii Rogers, Opinion Editor

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Kenzii Rogers