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Makala Vincent
Makala Vincent was born on April 27th, 1999 in the Sunshine State of Anaheim, California. Maybe that's where she gets her interest in mexican food. Not only does she like to sing but she likes to write songs and dance. Although she has an artsy side she would like to be a psychologist when she is older, which is a big gap from singing and dancing. She has one sister and one dog. One of the jobs that she does is babysitting and past experiences might have helped her for those jobs today. She also has one dog named Bowzer that is a pekingese. Yeah go ahead, try and say that name five times fast. She enjoys writing about her past experiences. Maybe with her great writing skills she will be able to meet her celebrity crush Channing Tatum someday.

Makala Vincent, Sports Editor Spring 2014

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Makala Vincent